12th Birthday Celebration

Join us for our 12th Birthday Celebration every Friday in September. For every point you are earning on your Players Club card from now until September 28th, you will be earning an electronic drawing! Then join us every Friday in September to win your share of $10,000 in CASH and Free Play. Remember to play the Pick 3 game on the Players Club kiosk every day to earn extra entries.

The promotion shall take place every Friday in September (9/7, 9/14, 9/21 & 9/28)

  • Beginning at 9:00 am on Wednesday, August 1st and ending at 10:00 pm on Friday, September 28th Players Club members will earn one electronic entry for every point they earn on their Players Club card.
  • Each day from August 1st, through 10:00 pm on Friday, September 28th, after earning 1 point on their Players Club card, members may play the Pick 3 game on the Players Club kiosk to earn extra entries into the electronic drawings.

Then every Friday in September, beginning at 7:00 PM and running every 15 minutes up to and including 10:15 PM hot seat drawings will be held to win a trip to the balloon board where there are 14 balloons filled with confetti and a prize voucher. Contestant will win the prize that is contained inside the balloon they pop! Prizes will be as follows:

  • 2 - $25.00 Free Play
  • 2 - $50.00 CASH
  • 2 - $50.00 Free Play
  • 1 - $100.00 CASH
  • 3 - $100.00 Free Play
  • 2 - $150.00 CASH
  • 2 - $500.00 CASH

Then at 10:30 PM 1 electronic drawing will be held for $1,000.00 CASH!

  • Players must earn 10 points the day of the drawings to be eligible for any of the drawings.
  • Must be actively gaming to win.
  • Must be a member, in good standing, of the Players Club to be eligible for the drawings.
  • Only one winner per evening, anyone drawn a second time will be passed and another winner chosen.
  • There will be NO Friday Night Hot Seat drawings during this promotion in September.

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